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July 14, 2015, 9:37 AM

Whatever it took...

"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. " Col. 3:17

"Whatever" is a word that can be used in a negative or positive manner.  Think about it...

If we are told to do something we don't want to do, some may respond by saying, "whatever," and then either do the job with a poor attitude or not do the job at all. Or maybe, you're talking to someone, trying to tell them a story or explain how something happened.  However, if that person has the least inkling that what you're saying is untrue, they might be saying "whatever" with there eyes or body language, or even saying  it out loud.  You get my point, right?

However, "whatever" carries with it the idea of an extremely positive meaning as well, especially when used in the correct context.  Think about using the word in a conversation when someone is desperate for help.  You ask them if you can help.  That person says, "whatever" assistance you can give would help.  In that case, that word indicates the desperation of that person and the incredible opportunity that you have to help.  In the same way, "whatever" in the verse above, carries with it a postive meaning in that anything we do, word or deed, for the Lord is a positive thing.  We are to give thanks for the fact that we are able to work for the Lord.  We are to give thanks that we had the opportunity to do something for Him, that He allowed us to do something in His name.

I am so thankful for FBC Hooks and  those in our community that came along side our church to do "whatever" it took in the name of t he Lord last week.  "Whatever" it took to show the people of Hooks that God is alive and well, and still working in the lives of those that live in our Jerusalem.  In the context of last week, "whatever" definitely had a positive meaning.  Thank you!!!

In Christ,

Bro. Grant 

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