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December 9, 2014, 10:00 AM

The mission continues...

"When Barnabas and Saul had finished their mission, they returned from Jerusalem, taking with them John, also called Mark." - Acts 12:25

Some may think that this is an odd scripture to use directly after missionaries have come into the church and spoke of how God has used them internationally for His kingdom.  Let me explain.  In the setting of the above scripture, Barnabas and Saul (Paul) had a specific task in Jerusalem to do.  Once that task was complete, the scripture simply states that they moved on (with John Mark).  It does not state that they were finished.  They were anything but fininshed.  Quite the opposite; the church at Antioch sent them on God's mission to proclaim the message of Christ.  In fact, a new mission had begun.

Even as our missionaries spoke on Sunday, I was hearing their desire to return to the field and get back to the Kingdom's work.  However, I had to catch myself.  They were STILL going about their missionary work here as they were telling us about God's work in Romania.  Their mission was not yet complete here in the United States.  They still had something to tell churches like ours.  Then, they can return "from Jerusalem" and return to their mission there.

That is the way we must see our lives at times.  There are times the mission gets interrupted.  We feel that we are not doing what we were designed or called to do.  However, it may be exactly what we are suppose to be doing at that particular time so that the Kingdom may be advanced.  The original mission...well, we will return when God needs us.  Listen to God as the mission continues to serve Him.

In Christ, 

Bro. Grant

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