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November 11, 2013, 12:00 AM

Proud of our veterans...

As most churches did, as least I hope they did, we celebrated our veterans during service yesterday.  We gave them the honor to be recognized for a moment in time for the years of service that they gave this country and are giving.  Just doesn't seem enough does it?  You're right it's not.  It's like anniversaries in a marriage.  If you only let your spouse know how special they are one time a year (on your anniversary), then are they really that special.  Shouldn't you be telling them and showing them throughout the year. In the same respect, I feel that we should tell our veterans throughout the year, thank you for their service.

When my family lived in McAlester, OK, my children were obviously much younger but they understood the presence of the military.  The ammunition facility in the area caused the town to have a rather significant military presence, especially during conflict times.  I remember sitting in Braum's with my kids when four young soldiers came into the restaurant in fatigues.  My kids began to ask question about the uniforms different ranks and who was the highest rank.  I distinctly remember that there were four different ranks.  I believe there was a major, captain, 1st lieutenant, and sergeant all sitting together.  Could be wrong on the ranks (it's been a while), but not a one was the same and it was three officers and an enlisted man.  My kids and I talked about what their jobs might be at the facility and where they might have come from.  Then, the most amazing thing of my kids asked if they could go say "thank you."  

At first, I thought, those guys don't want to be bothered by my kids.  But, then I thought, they need to hear it and they need to hear it more often.  Folks, tell them thank you. Tell them more often.  Teach your kids to tell them thank you. You should have seen the expression from those "grown men"...those "tough soldiers."  Priceless!

God Bless,

Bro. Grant

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