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November 11, 2014, 12:00 AM

Prepare for rain...

"Pass through, pass through the gates!  Prepare the way for the people. Build up, build up the highway!  Remove the stones.  Raise a banner for the nations."  - Isaiah 62:10

This is a passage of hope and vision.  Isaiah has received a vision of God's people returning...returning and being restored.  This represents the "hope" portion of this passage.  However, there is also a responsibility in this Scripture, which eludes to the vision.  In this verse, Isaiah has been and continues to pray for God to bring His people back, but He also expects His people to do their portion and prepare.  They are to prepare the road, prepare the way, and raise the banner of the Lord before the God the credit for all that is done.  In other words, get ready for what God is about to do.

God is still telling us to do this.  He does not want us to be complacent or lazy.  He wants us to demonstrate our faith by preparing for His works even before they happen.  I have discussed this in a practical way with several folks lately in terms of our music minister position.  We cannot get complacent.  We must prepare for the minister that God has ALREADY chosen for us.  We cannot wait to worship God until we have a permanent worship leader.  We cannot wait to get the worship leader office ready until that position is filled.  We must prepare for rain...let's be ready today for what God is about to do.  Let's prepare for rain!

In Christ,

 Bro. Grant

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