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October 15, 2013, 12:00 AM

Challenge to be contagious...

He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. - Luke 10:2

On October 2nd (10/2), the North American Mission Board challenged Baptist Churches to be in prayer for the harvest and the workers needed for this harvest (See Luke 10:2).  While, 10/2 has passed us, the challenge has not.  We must be in a constant state of challenge to send workers into the fields in preparation for the harvest.  

Sunday night (10/13), at the Bowie Baptist Associational meeting (Partnership Celebration) we were challenged to be an association that is prepared for the same.  We can not continue to be content with the same old way of thinking, the same old way of reaching folks.  Don't get me wrong...the same old rugged cross still works, we just have to modify how we get that across.  Dr. Stan Albright did a great job of getting that point across at the meeting.  If you weren't there...I guess you missed it!

But, let me tell you what I enjoyed about the evening the most.  I worshipped next to an older gentleman from another church.  We both sang the same songs, we both stood up for the same amount of time, we prayed together (holding hands), and might have even had an "amen" or two.  The music crossed a generational span eventhough it was loud at times, upbeat at times, slow at times, old songs, new crossed that span.  At the end of service, I looked at the gentleman, fully expecting him to be ready to rush out the door, and said "thanks for worshipping with me tonight.!"  He said, "thank you, it was great!"  Worshipping is contagious.  We will feed off of one another, but we have to be in one another's presence for it to work.

That contagious spirit is obvious in worship, but it is the same for preparation for the harvest as well.  As we catch the spirit for God, those around us will do the same.  If we do not, they will not.  I challenge every child of God to be contagious as we continue to pray LUKE 10:2!

In Christ,

Bro. Grant

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