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April 11, 2016, 11:38 AM

Are we "PC" or "BC"...

"Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than human beings!" - Acts 5:29 (NIV 2011)

Peter and the other apostles had been given strict instructions to not teach in the name of Jesus.  However, according to Scripture, that is exactly what they were doing.  Evidently, they were bold about it, to the point that they were brought before the Sandhedrin and accused of breaking the law.  Accused by the religious leaders to the point that death was called for at that time.  Can you imagine the tension that existed?  This was not a simple matter of misunderstanding, but a matter of spiritual battle.

When Jesus' followers were brought before the Sanhedrin, I'm sure there must have been much speculation as to what there were going to say; especially with such a grave punishment on the line. I wonder if anyone would have expected the above response... "we must obey God rather than human beings."  Notice that it was not just Peter, but Peter and the other apostles.  They were together in this.  They would rather stand together in Christ, than to fall prey to the pressure of society and the Sanhedrin.

Today, we continue to have the same pressure, we just give it different names and titles.  Frankly, I'm sickened by the manner in which many have caved to the "Sanhedrin" and "pressures" of our time.  Many have chosen to be Politically Correct (PC) instead of Biblically Correct (BC).  Let me make myself extremely clear.  This is not about politics, it is about standing on what the bible teaches and not bending , not wavering, not making it sound different so that it meets the needs of a particular audience.  No, it's the simple fact that Christians are to put aside their personal issues, desires, and pride so that they can find what is left...the truth of God's word.  If we spend our time being "BC" then we don't have to dance around because we have a standard on which to stand...the standard is Christ.

This being said, this gives us no right to trample on those with which we disagree; on the contrary.  What this means is that we must fully incorporate the love of Christ into our lives.  We must learn to love ALL of God's creations, treating each other with respect and dignity, teaching truth in love in ALL situations.

Make a decision to be BC and throw out the idea of PC.

In Christ,

Bro. Grant

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